Twilight edge
The Twilight's Edge is a sword of infinite power bestowed upon the Four Guardians by the Divine Realm when demons and Dark Chi threatened to overrun the Earthen Realm.

Legend has it that the weapon not only gives its wielder unbelievable power, but that it can change its form to suit whomever wielded it.

It is currently in the hands of Jinsoyun, and was previously hidden for safe keeping in the form of a staff by Hong Sokgyun.


The sword was initially given to the Four Guardians when the Naryu Empire fell and demons began to threaten the world. Its second appearance was when it was used to drive back the demon forces that invaded Highlands Central.

Some years ago, Jinsoyun made her first attempt to obtain the Twilight's Edge, but was stopped by the Four Guardians. In the heat of the battle, she killed Jiwan and badly wounded Iksanun, but was finally defeated by Hong Sokgyun.[1]

Later at Jiwan's Peak it was explained that Mushin is the one who trying to get The Twilight's Edge and Jiwan told Jinsoyun to run with the Twilight Edge


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