Three Blind Men is one of the side quest found in Jadestone Village.


Speak to Wandering Hermit Blindman Sim near the entrance to Jadestone Village to start the quest.Edit

Blindman Sim: "You there! Yes, you with the stomping feet. Won't you stop and lend a blind old man your aid? (I hope this stranger is friendlier than that last one. Those were my last coppers...) I am travelling to Jadestone Village, but these demons block our path. They even took Nabonsa! Sometimes the creatures are fluffy and kind. Sometimes they are pointy and cruel. (In my younger years, I'd have made short work of these obstacles.) Such vexing beasts must certainly be spawn of the Dark Realm. I may be blind, but I can picture their horrible visages: bloody fangs, eyes dripping with foul ichor."

(They're just rams.)

Blindman Sim: "You call these monsters mere rams? After they took my dear friend? No, Anh! I don't mean you! Now I have to suffer your idiocy alone. All alone! ("Just rams." Bah, this fool must be blinder than I.) We found a piece of Nabonsa's journal in the mouth of one of these demons. It still smelled of him! Please, recover the rest of the lost journal and find any trace of Nabonsa's remains."

Defeat Valley Rams and obtain Blindman Sim's Lost ItemsEdit

Kill seven Valley Rams around that are to obtain Nabonsa's Journal
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Talk to Nabonsa at the entrance of Jadestone VillageEdit

Nabonsa: "Where are those slowpokes?"

(Sim thinks that the rams killed you.)

Nabonsa: "Me? Killed by rams? I've been waiting here at our meeting spot for hours. Why does Sim think I'm dead?"

(He found a piece of your journal.)

Nabonsa: "And it looks like you've found the rest. Thank you for returning it, but a blind man has little use for his old journal. That's why I fed it to the rams."

(Sim thinks the rams are demons.)

Nabonsa: "Not only has Sim lost his sight, but now he's losing his mind. Did you know he was once a great martial artist? We all were, the three of us."

(What happened?)

Nabonsa: "Age happened. It seems like yesterday I was windstriding through the sky, leaping across the waters. Ah, such wonderful days. But age catches us all if we live long enough."