Stepping into the Light is one of the side quest found at Tanjay Kilns in Gloomdross Forest.


Speak with NPC Tuyang's Apprentice Ha Samsik at Tanjay Kilns to start the quest.Edit

Ha Samsik: "Are you familiar with the legends of the Glow Sprites of the Dreamdrift?"

(I am not.)

Ha Samsik: ""As our final day gives way to forever night, Sprites show the way, with their blessed light""

(Sounds like a children's rhyme.)

Ha Samsik: "I assure you, them sprites are very real. Tragically real. I suppose the corruption that has tainted the Dreamdrift has been passed onto these gentle spirits. These Sprites used to usher souls to the hereafter but are now usin' it to trap the livin' in the Spirit Realm. It ain't right. (It's embarassin', but I'm too afraid to even leave town.) I've tried every charm or incantation I know to calm the Sprites, but nothin' is workin' and we're plum out of time. People are dyin'! I fear the corruption is permanent, which means there's only one solution. It pains me dearly to say it, but corrupted Sprites must be destroyed."

Defeat the Glow Sprites wandering around the Gloomdross ForestEdit

Defeat eight Glow Sprites in total.
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Talk to Ha SamsikEdit

Talk to the NPC to end the quest for your rewards.

Ha Samsik: "You're back. I must confess, I feared I had sent you to your doom. The glow of their lamps is... Intoxicatin'. Thank ya for your service, Jyan. (This Jyan reeks of death. And it ain't from the Sprites)"