Stalker Soul Shield
Soulshield 004
Vital statistics
Type Superior
Effects 3 = Increase Accuracy by 2
5 = Increase Critical by 13
8 = Increase Critical by 17
Source Everdusk Stalker Jiangshi Wheel of Fate
Cost to buy {{{buy}}}
Cost to sell 1Copper

Where to get? Edit

Stalker Soul Shield pieces can only be obtained from Everdusk Stalker Jiangshi Wheel of Fate which located at Foshi Pyres in Everdusk. To use the Wheel of Fate, an item called Stalker Jiangshi's Essence which only drop from area boss Stalker Jiangshi that roam around Moonshade Cemetary. The wheel will give you soul shield pack, Locked Stalker weapons, and even costumes.

Slot Stats
1st HP 10

Accuracy 5

2nd HP 10

Defense 6

3rd HP 10

Block 6

4th HP 10

Defense 6

5th HP 10

Evasion 7

6th HP 10

Critical 7

7th HP 10

Evasion 7

8th HP 10

Block 8