Signed, Sealed, Delivered is one of the side quest available at Tanjay Kilns in Gloomdross Forest.


Speak with NPC Incantation Researcher Tuyang at Tanjay Kilns to start the quest.Edit

Tuyang: "Can you feel it? The corruption here is growing by the day. Madness consumes anyone who lingers too long in the Dreamdrift. Even the peaceful lamp sprites are becoming violent. And now this corruption is seeping into the rest of the Gloomdross. This is going to create some serious problems. (This has to be tied to that woman in black everyone keeps talking about.) The great Sealing Stones, in particular, are at risk of being corrupted."

(Sealing Stones?.)

Tuyang: "(The ritual must be performed precisely. I hope this one is up to the task.) Many years ago, the forest was overrun with demons. These demons were ultimately defeated by entombing them within Sealing Stones. The corruption is corroding these tones and if we do not perform a cleansing ritual, the demons will break free! Go, take charcoal, and make this exact marking on any Sealing Stones you see near Goldleaf Foundry. Hopefully, whatever is trapped in these stones will not break free."

Defeat the Ironmask Reapers sealed inside the Sealing Stones around the Tanjay Kilns 3 timesEdit

Sidequest gloomdross signed sealed delivered map

Look for the standing stone with green mark.Edit

Sidequest gloomdross signed sealed delivered faq001

Interact and Ironmask Reaper monster will appear, defeat it.Edit

Sidequest gloomdross signed sealed delivered faq002

Talk to Incantation Reseacher TuyangEdit

Tuyang: "What happened with the Sealing Stone? Did the reinforcement ritual work?"

(It didn't work. The demons are breaking free.)

Tuyang: "What? Did all of the Sealing Stones get destroyed? How is this possible? That ritual should have worked. The charcoal was fine. The spell was fine. What went wrong? (This is impossible. My worst nightmare has come to pass.) I got it! You! You must have screwed it up! Let me see your hands. Aha! Just as I suspected, your hands are unwashed! Were they this filthy when you started?"

(Probably. I haven't washed them today.)

Tuyang: "Well then. There you go. Everybody knows your hands must be purified before they can perform rituals. This is very basic stuff. My perfect plan... ruined. I hope you destroyed any demons you released with your... Filthy hands! Now get out of here! I have to figure out how to fix your mess. (I think the Jyan bought it. Whew. Now I just have to figure out where I messed up...)"