Opportunity of a Lifetime is one of the side quest found in Jadestone Village.


Speak to Nabonsa to start the quest.Edit

Nabonsa: "Since you're here, would you be interested in a very special, once in a lifetime opportunity? Of course you would! Take this flyer and go to the house beside the lake for a wonderful chance at fame and fortune. Ask for Hong Yunlang. Between you and me, this whole thing seems pretty fishy. But, it's the only work I can get. Nobody pays a man my age for their fighting prowess. Look at me, a once respected martial artist reduced to passing out flyers. Won't you take one? I only get paid when I'm out of flyers, so you'd be doing this old man a favor."

Take the flyer to Hong Yunlang.Edit

Hong Yunlang is in a hut near Lakeside Cache instance.

Hong Yunlang: "(This one will fit in nicely.) Oh, you have one of our flyers! That's just wonderful, we always need new deckhands, er, recruits. Just a little bit about us: we're a large, independent organization specializing in passionate acquisition of locally-held commodities. But let's skip all that boring stuff. We like to have fun. A lot of fun! And what's more fun than working on open seas? We're also the best in our field. You could even say we slit the competition's throats. But before you can sign up, we'll need to see how the mandatory uniform fits. We should have your size."