For the character from the anime, see Jin Varrel.

No one survives the Black Rose.


Jinsoyun, previously presumed to be dead, is on a quest to destroy everything in her path to gain power. With the Twilight's Edge in her hands, and Dark Chi fueling her martial arts prowess, she appears to be unstoppable. She is also the one who forces the Mark of the Black Rose on the player.


In her previous attempt to obtain the Twilight's Edge, Jinsoyun was stopped by the Four Guardians. In the heat of the battle, she killed Jiwan and badly wounded Iksanun, but was finally defeated by Hong Sokgyun.

SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Decades later, Jinsoyun reappears at the Hongmoon School on Heaven's Reach and is aided by two cohorts: Yura and Gubong. She summons dark fiends to the school grounds and proceeds to kill every living creature on it as well as the students themselves. It is revealed that Hongmoon student Lusung was in league with her and helped her by adding poison to Hong's daily medicine in order to weaken him. Despite poison in his system, Hong was still strong enough to hold off Jinsoyun, going as far as to transform into his true form to do so. However, Jinsoyun manages to gain the upper hand by threatening to kill off his last living student if he does not hand over the Twilight's Edge. Hong reluctantly agrees and hands over the sword to her. Jinsoyun then releases the student and proceeds to kill Hong as she did agree not to kill the student but said nothing about not killing Hong himself.

With sword in hand, Jinsoyun laughs victoriously along with her aids. The last Hongmoon student tries to hit her, but Jinsoyun easily swipes the student away and imparts the Mark of the Black Rose upon the student.

Jinsoyun later heads over to Whalesong Cove and engulfs the fishing village there into a fog of dark chi, corrupting the villagers into undead. She discovers a cave and enters it with ill intent. Before she could corrupt the creatures within any further, she encounters the Hongmoon student whom she presumed was already killed by the Mark of the Black Rose. She is intrigued, but does nothing more than summon a creature of darkness upon the student.


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