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Honor, compassion, that is the Hongmoon way.

–Hong Sokgyun

Hong Sokgyun is a powerful martial artist that is a member of The Four Guardians and master of the Hongmoon School. During the era of the Naryu Empire, he worked with the other guardians to defeat demons and prevent the Dark Chi from overwhelming the Earthen Realm. According to Old Man Cho, Hong had a great singing voice.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After the battle in which Jiwan was slain by Jinsoyun, Hong Sokgyun defeated Jinsoyun. With Jinsoyun and the Dark Lord gone, peace returned to the realm. The Four Guardians were then appointed by the Divine Realm to protect the world from another attack.

In the years that passed, Hong opened the Hongmoon School of martial arts, teaching pupils anything from kung fu to blade mastery. Hong aged and eventually reached a point where he had to take medicine on a daily basis to keep his strength up.

Shortly after accepting a new pupil into his school (nicknamed Cricket), the Hongmoon School was attacked by Jinsoyun and her cohorts Yura and Gubong. Hong soon found that his pupil Lusung had betrayed him by allying with Jinsoyun and adding poison to his daily medicine to weaken him. Left with only his newest pupil to continue the Hongmoon line, Hong gave up the Twilight's Edge that he had kept hidden in his staff to Jinsoyun and was killed in return for Jinsoyun sparing his last pupil's life.

Later Appearance Edit

Spoiler Alert

Hong reveal himself couple times to Cricket and he still help cricket find the right way. Cricket will met him and his pupils again later at the end of Jinsoyun's Arc


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