Heaven's Reach is group of floating islands near the Viridian Coast, where students of various disciplines and races learn martial arts at the Hongmoon School built upon the biggest island. It lacks any of the amenities of a town and cannot be entered or exited by regular means. Rather, it serves as a tutorial map, in which the player is taught how to play the game.


Heaven's Reach is the first area that the player encounters; it is an enclosed space entered and exited via cutscene transition. It is here that the player learns of their background and of the main villain in the game, as well as how to control and interact with the game UI without danger.

This location uses the Paradise Lost quest line.


Heaven's Reach consists of multiple buttes and flat topped spires, rising out of the waters to the south east of the Viridian Coast. It is so high, the water cannot be seen as it is clouded by the mist encircling the base of the spires. Despite this formation, the area is full of verdure and wildlife.


The animals of Heaven's Reach.

While there are no monsters, enemy or friendly, there are regular animals about. Cranes and ducks litter the area, as well as the multiple dogs owned by the students of the area. The camp is also covered in grass and trees, growing out of even the rocks below and above the camp's level.
Heavens Reach Orb

The orb at Heaven's Reach.

Curiously, the area also contains a large, rotating orb of stone in the sky. It is embedded with multiple clockwise swirls all around. The significance of the item is unknown.