Gold Flingers is one of the side quest that found at Tanjay Kilns in Gloomdross Forest.


Player must done the daily quest All That Glitters to unlock this side quest.


Speak to Bamboo Guard Choi Gobung to start the quest.Edit

Choi Gobung: "I've got some bad news about those fake gold ingots you found, warrior."

(What's wrong?)

Choi Gobung: "Well, the crate they came in is numbered. It's "37". I'm pretty sure this means at least 36 other crates managed to make it out into the world. Yeah, I'll bet there's a lot of fake gold floating around Bamboo Village and Jadestone. We've already sent guards back to Bamboo Village and they're starting to track down all the fake currency. But we could use someone to spread the word in Jadestone Village. Jadestone is pretty big. I suggest convincing one of the local Crafting Guilds to help you get the word out. The Radiant Ring will be your best bet. These folks deal with precious metals all the time. Head to Jadestone Village and make contact with Oonyong, a representative of The Radiant Ring. I've explained the situation in this note. She'll know what to do."

Talk to Oonyong in Jadestone Village.Edit

Oonyong: "Hello, precious. Welcome to Jadestone Village. I am Oonyong of the Radiant Ring. Are you buying or selling?"

(I have a message from Tanjay Kilns.)

Oonyong: "Fake gold! In Jadestone! Oh my. This explains what happened to me last evening. (This is terrible. A sudden influx of fake gold will lower the value of our own supplies.) A woman approached me and offered to sell an entire crate of gold ingots for far below market value. It seemed too good to be true and now it seems that it was! (Something in my gut said not to buy those ingots. I thank the gods I did not!) Luckily I didn't buy those fake ingots. But i'm sure some other poor sap did. Oh, this is terrible. If they keep this up, it could have serious effects on the Jadestone ecomony. If the price of gold decrease too dramatically, it'll wipe out the savings of the local populace! This will lead to rapid inflation and hoarding, a rise in the unemployment rate, and- I can see this doesn't really interest you. Rest assured, discovering this plot is a good thing. Thank you for bringing this to our attention."