Going to Market is one of the side quest found in Jadestone Village. This quest is also introduce player the marketplace feature.


Speak with Green Thumbs Apprentice Raysu to start the quest.Edit

She is located outside of a restaurant building in Jadestone Village.

Raysu: "I'm doomed! Absolutely doomed! No two ways about it, this is the end for Raysu the farmer. You're now looking at Raysu the unemployed. (Maybe the potters need a new kiln cleaner.) And it's my own fault. Why do I always put things off? When master tells me to buy seeds, I should just do it. No wasting time, no messing around. Or maybe I should hire an assistant. An assistant's assistant. You aren't looking for a job, are you? Don't answer that! You're the perfect candidate. All right. First, I need you to go see if the marketplace is open. I'll go grab the list of seeds master needs for tomorrow, if I can find it. But if the marketplace is closed by now, we are both out of jobs. To check the market, speak with the Dragon Trader and press the Marketplace button. The easier way is to press the [F5] button. I always prefer the easier way, but you should try both."

Travel to (Dragon Trader merchant) on the map and speak with the Dragon Trader.Edit

Interact with the NPC and click the Marketplace tab at the bottom left side of the screen.

Press [F5] button to open MarketplaceEdit

After opening the Marketplace by speaking with the NPC, use the shortcut key [F5] to open the Marketplace again.

Talk to Raysu.Edit

After completing both, talk to Raysu again to end the quest.

Raysu: "Well assistant? Was the marketplace still open?"


Raysu: "Thank the heavens! I have the list. I'll run over and buy the seeds right now, this very minute. I swear I am finished with procrastinating. (I think I've said that before.) But it IS getting kind of late and I'm sure the marketplace will be open tomorrow before master wakes up. Maybe the prices will even be lower..."