3 different types of Founder's Packs are available for purchase from NCSoft. All packs allow purchasers access to closed beta in Fall 2015, but other perks vary between the packs. All items contained within the packs are untradable but account bound.

There is a limit of 1 pack per account, and they will be purchasable until the end of closed beta.

Founder packs can be upgraded to a higher tier by contacting support.

Comparison Edit

Initiate Pack
Disciple Pack
Master Pack
Closed Beta Access
3 Day Head Start
Titles 2 3 4
Premium Points 20800 34400 + level 3 48800 + level 4
Premium Membership 30 days 90 days
Name Reservations 1 2
Booster Pack Basic Extended
Character Alteration Voucher 1 2
Extra Character Slots 2 5
NCoin 2400 7200
Unique Head Accessory
Unique Weapon Skin
Unique Costume
Cost $24.99 USD $74.99 USD $124.99 USD

Master Pack FAQsEdit

  • Costume, head accessory, and weapon skin are exclusive to the Master Pack and will not be available via other methods
  • There will be 2 costumes, with male and female versions for all races
  • All items are account bound, but consumable items can only be used once