There are multiple factions fighting over resources and power in Blade and Soul.   

Lore Background

It was once peaceful with humans, animals and various creatures until corruption of a demonic nature began to sweep across the land and brought this world into chaos. There is a door to the demonic realm where The Demon Emperor and his demonic servants escaped into our world. Light fell to darkness, oceans became wild, trees withered, and the land shattered. Creatures became violent, animals went wild, and humans fell to corruption.

Similar to Aion, Blade & Soul is basically the fight between the path of light and dark. Based on the Korean closed beta test, there are two opposing factions: Wulin Alliance (Blue Faction) and the Huantian Cult (Red Faction)

Wulin Alliance are the good guys. It’s a union formed by many martial arts schools. Heavenly holy beings delivered a prophecy to the martial artists of the world to take part in the battle against evil. Their purpose is to wipe out evildoers and bring back peace to the world again.

On the other side, we have Huantian Cult. They are Martial artists of demonic nature who use corrupt energy to make themselves incredibly powerful.

Since players in the game are made up of different Schools of Martial Arts, they can choose to join either faction freely. However players have to complete special quests to join the faction of choice. They will then be given a specific costume that represents their faction.( Completing Special Quest to join faction is now optional You can now select your faction at level 4)


Blade and Soul - Faction and Race Background

Blade and Soul - Faction and Race Background

Faction and Race Background

The Warring Factions Edit

The Cerulean Order and the Crimson Legion are known as the Warring Factions and fight over the control of soulstones. Early in the game, players will be asked to choose which faction they will represent.

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