Dr.Jiangshi and Mr.Hyde is a daily quest found at Foshi Pyres in Everdusk.


Speak to Gravewatcher Apprentice Dasoo to start the quest.Edit

Dasoo: "Oh hello again. You'll have to excuse me. I've had a rough day... again. Seems all the days are rough in this awful place."

(What happened?)

Dasoo: "Well, you gave me the charm from the Stalker Jiangshi, which was helpful, but the moment I started working with the charm, it instantly burst into flames, which was not helpful. The Stalker Jiangshi will keep ressurecting if I can't get ahold of the charm. I don't suppose you'd be willing to battle that thing again, would you? I need the charm... again."

Defeat the Stalker Jiangshi roaming the Moonshade Cemetary and Obtain it's charm.Edit

Stalker Jiangshi will always spawn at the Moonshade Cemetary west of Foshi Pyres.


Stalker Jiangshi not only will drop charm for the daily quest but also Stalker Jiangshi's Essence as a token to participate in the Stalker Jiangshi Wheel of Fate that allows you to win Stalker Soul Shield, Locked Stalker Weapon Chest and also Jiangshi costume set (Jiangshi Charm, Jiangshi Headgear and Jiangshi Raiment)


Some of the guards think I'm a coward, but I don't see any of them lining up to dance with the Stalker Jiangshi.

You're the only one here who has any courage. Can you please get the charm off of the Stalker Jiangshi? Once we have the charm, we can figure out how to end this nightmare.