This is the fifteenth chapter in Act 1: Into the Woods quest line.


Speak with Old Man JumEdit

Old Man Jum located at northeast of the Jadestone Village near the road going to Croaker Lagoon in Pondskip Vale.

Old Man Jum: "Hello there. You here offer me a refill?"

(Old Man Cho needs a food recommendation.)

Old Man Jum: "You've come to the right place. You know what goes with a good drink? Another drink! Bwahaha! I'm teasing. I'm teasing. Shhh shhh. Don't get mad. Uh. What was your question again?"


Old Man Jum: "Oh yeah! Bear gall! Get him some bear gall. Bear gall pairs with everything. Beer, wine, Beerwine. The last one's a secret invention of mine. Shhhhh. Don't tell anybody."

Obtain Bear Galls from Wild Bears.Edit

Kill and collect three bear galls from Wild Bear that wandering around the upper area outside Jadestone Village.
Storyquest pondskip grin n bear it pic01

Speak to Old Man ChoEdit

He is waiting at the Croaker Lagoon.

Old Man Cho: "Well, well. You fetch food like a true champion. I'm going to enjoy this! Now, I kno what you want in exchange. I know how the world works! I happen to have brought you very near to the place where the Eight Masters are wandering. See that hole in the rock, up yonder? Locals call it the Cave of Mastery. You'll find the Masters in there. That said, the cave isn't exactly hospitable. You'll need a guide, and it certainly won't be me! I have a meal to attend to. So keep your eyeballs peeled."


This quest will reward you a purple rarity accessory, Hongmoon Earring - Stage 1 with a bit of money, 12Copper and 980 EXP.

Journal SummaryEdit

Master Hong doesn't raise fools, thought Old Man Cho as he snacked on some particularly delicious bear gall. This newest--and last?--student of his had a special energy, an aura he couldn't quite place. Most misquided denderheads came to Old Man Cho for the so-called "secrets" of the Dragon Pulses. Hmph! But not Hong's child. This one had other motivations. This one was pure of heart as far as Cho could figure, despite the specter of the Black Rose...

Very few understood that to learn the art of Windwalking, the heart and soul needed training, not the body. Fortune-seekers, powermongers, glory-hunters--none of these could ride the Pulses, though they sure tried. Hongs student was a different animal, and for this Old Man Cho was both surprised and relieved.