Drinking Problems is the fourteenth chapter of Into the Woods quest line.


Go to the Lakeside Cache and find the liquorEdit

Talk to Bomani in Lakeside Cache

Bomani: "Why did you do that? Is this normal for you? Randomly assaulting innocent stragers in caves? Here I was, minding me own business and having a drink or three and you show up all violent and wobbly and blurry. Stop laughing. I'm serious! I'm going to train like crazy and get huge muscles and then whammo! You'll see!"

Speak with Old Man ChoEdit

Old Man Cho: "Ahh. You found the liquor. And vintage stock, too! It's been so long. Come home to Papa!"

(Will you now tell me where the Eight Masters are?)

Old Man Cho: "The Eight Masters? Who? Oh, those Eight Masters. They're around here somewhere. Masters, masters..."


Old Man Cho: "This old brain is still not operating at full power. After all, you need something to eat when you're drinking, right? Or else you get light-headed. Oh! I know where they are! No, no, wait. I lost it. I need food. Get me some food. A man works up an appetite dealing with knuckleheads like yourself."

(You can't be serious.)

Old Man Cho: "That's the spirit. Talk to Old Man Jum. Face like a leather gauntlet. Can't miss him. He'll know where to rustle up some chow to pair with this fine liquor."

(Am I wasting my time here?)

Old Man Cho: "Wasting your time?! If you don't like it, take a hike off a cliff, why don't ya? Leave an old man to starve. See if I care! (Have to make sure this kid's got the right attitude for what's to come.)"

(...I'll bring the food.)

Old Man Cho: "Good. Good! My mouth is watering already. When you get the food, bring it on over to Croaker Lagoon. My vacation home, ya know. Heehee!"

Journal SummaryEdit

Bomani had been Old Man Cho's "pupil" for weeks. Pupil? Hah! More like whipping boy. Now Cho had ordered Bomani into some foul-smelling cave. "Stand there, shut up and wait," Cho said. How long had it been? Bomani had grown delirious. But for the chance to be able to Windwalk... to be able to ride the Dragon Pulses! That made it worth it... right?

Cho said that Bomani would be challenged soon, that his skills and dedication would be put to the test. Even in his stupor, Bomani steeled himself for the conflict. Cho doubted Bomani. He called him a pretender. But Bomani would face down whatever threat that insane old man threw his way. He would prove worthy of the Dragon Pulses.